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India deploys electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN)

Immunization Technical Support Unit (ITSU) is a collaborative unit bringing together the Indian Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) and Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI).  ITSU has pioneered and launched electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN) across 2 districts of Uttar Pradesh in collaboration with Logistimo, which provides the underlying technology.

ITSU map

Bareilly and Shahjahanpur districts were the first to deploy the system across 41 cold chain points (CCPs) with authorization from Uttar Pradesh and the national MoHFW.  This represents a bold new approach, because for the first time in the country, mobile technology has been adopted all along the value chain, up to the last CCPs for vaccine management under the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP).  Now real-time stock availability is accessible online for all CCPs, and session-wise vaccine consumption data is available on-demand.

Bareilly District (population 4.45 million) currently enjoys only a 40.1% full immunization rate, and Shahjahanpur District (population 3 million) reports only 28% full immunization coverage –– marking them among the low performing regions of the country.  We are excited to be part of this effort – though clearly there is much to accomplish.